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New Event

Matricks Illusion

8 October 2021

140min Duration
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Matricks combines elements of danger, comedy and charm, managing to bewilder audiences time after time. However what makes Matricks truly dynamic is the contrast between set pieces; stylish fast paced magic and illusion with dance using current music and special effects. The show is designed to balance comedy and light heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill! 

This unique act has performed at a variety of high profile events and venues, including credits with Bradley Walsh and ITV’s Keep It In The Family and most recently 'The Sidemen Show'. Matricks has a unique and innovative style, using a fleet of ground breaking illusions.

Matricks has not only baffled the nation but even the likes of celebrity judge, Simon Cowell and international star KSI. Master Illusionist Alexander captures the imagination of every audience and commands a special stage presence like no other, using choreographed precision throughout the production. A show for the whole family. 

Tickets: £16.50, £14 Under 16

“Love you Guys” – KSI

“Absolutely Brilliant” – Bradley Walsh

“WOW! Wasn’t that fantastic” – ITV Studios

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